5th Annual YMCA’s Best Of: Inexpensive Family Fun

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Various studies have shown the importance of families spending time together. Children feel valued, fond memories are created and lifestyle choices are improved.

Most people think great family memories involve visits to amusement parks or trips to a tropical resort. Not so. Children want their parents to spend time with them on a daily basis, not just one week out of the year during the family vacation. It’s the daily experiences that really count.

Focus on the positive aspects of your family. Reassure your children of your love and their worth. There are hundreds of things you can do that don't cost much (if anything).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Things to do at home Places to go

Activities You Can Do At Home

Activity Website Link
Make a wax boat Click to Visit Site
Create a flip flop poster
Start a garden Click to Visit Site
Make cheeseburger cookie sliders Click to Visit Site
Learn a new drawing game for kids: Pick An Object, Pick A Scene Click to Visit Site
Make some homemade lemon blueberry soda (no Soda Stream required!) Click to Visit Site
Discover 10 ways to get into books Click to Visit Site
Get out and play with these 36 game ideas Click to Visit Site
Make a healthy summer snack Click to Visit Site
Have fun making a backyard water blob Click to Visit Site
Learn how to make the best homemade playdough ever Click to Visit Site
Discover the creative possiblities of rock crafts Click to Visit Site
Create your own Road Trip Activities for before a trip

Click to Visit Site

Click to Visit Site
Leave room and time for unstructured play Click to Visit Site

Places to Go

Activity Website Link(s)
Go hiking (this is a great resource for hiking with kids) Click to Visit Site
Visit the Nisqually Bird Refuge Click to Visit Site
Ride the light rail Click to Visit Site
Discover a new park
Find a festival or fair
Go lighthouse hunting

Visit a farm in the heart of Bellevue
Discover super cheap or free museum days
Fly a kite

Go fishing
Go camping on-the-cheap
Go skating for free
Catch the Mariners on-the-cheap
Ride tractors on a farm