Camps Are Great Fun, But Are They Great for Kids?

Posted in Summer Camps

Sure summer day camps and overnight camps are fun, but what lasting benefits do they provide? How do you even go about choosing a camp? And how should you prepare for the new challenges your child will face? Find some great answers in the videos and article below.

Meredith Cambre, Executive Director of the YMCA Overnight Camps, shares what parents need to do to choose the right camp and prepare their kids.

Steve Baskin Executive Director of Camp Champions in Marble Falls, Texas gives an engaging TED Talk about why 'unplugged' time for young people is so important. He shares how camps provide the opportunity to turn off tech and turn on oral communication, collaboration and creativity; top skills for life that need to be practiced in face-to-face situations. It may even change your own attitude toward all-consuming technology.

Family Therapist, Michael Ungar, Ph.D. explores the issue of making children more resilient to life's stresses. Summer camps, he discovers, are perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development. Read this great article from Psychology Today for insights into camp dynamics.