Making Summer Reading Fun

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Don't Lose Education Momentum in Summer Months

During the summer, children experience “summer learning loss” when they are not involved with opportunities for skill building. As a result, young people can forget up to two months particularly in the areas of reading and math. The Y is committed to year-round learning through Summer Camp and a number of other Y youth development programs that provide an expanded learning environment and engage kids experientially.

Here are a number of resources to help you interest your child in reading more throughout the summer.

Download a Summer Reading Challenge Chart

Here is a fun chart from the King County Library System that you and your child can use to track his or her reading progress. The library provides incentives to complete certain milestones or you can substitute your own incentives. Other libraries in the area provide their own summer reading challenges.
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Tips for Encouraging Kids to Read and Making Reading Fun

Raising a Summer Reader
When the lazy days of summer arrive and the schedule is packed with swimming, camp, and family vacations, it can be a challenge to find time for learning.
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How to Make Reading Fun
10 tips for making reading fun from setting a good example, helping them see that reading is about more than books and jump starting imaginations...
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The Best Ways to Teach Kids to Read
Suggestions to make sure you're not missing the boat on raising a successful and wide-eyed reader.
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6 Tips to Get Boys to Read
Studies show that girls are more proficient readers at earlier ages than boys. Here's some tips to get your man child reading.
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Summer Reading Resources, Book Finders and Recommendations

PBS Parents Bookfinder
Search by age, book theme and enter a keyword and away you go into the land of reading. You'll also be able to peruse featured books and book reading resources for you and your child.
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Oprah Kids' Reading List
Find books for early readers to 12 and up. Give your children the gift of reading by using our guide from the American Library Association to select books that match both their abilities and interests. Jump-start your kids' imaginations through reading.
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International Reading Assoc.
Each year, thousands of children, young adults, teachers, and librarians around the United States select their favorite recently published books for the “Choices” reading lists. The lists presented here are used in classrooms, libraries, and homes to help young readers find books they will enjoy.
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Seattle Public Library
Books for new readers, independent readers, award winning books and books from the Global Reading Challenge. Our world class Seattle Public Library has a great website for children of all ages.
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HarperCollins Parents Choice and Awards Book Finder
Search for books that have won prestigious awards such as Parents Choice, Newbery Medal, Caldecott, National Book Award. Over 40 award categories to choose from.
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Summer Reading Programs

Reading Rewards Programs
A great way to encourage children to read is to offer a prize after they’ve read a book or a number of books. The key is to not only allow them to choose the books, but for your child to be tested to make sure they’re actually reading. These programs offer rewards, prizes and badges for summer reading:
» King County Library Reading Challenge
» Seattle Public Library Summer Reading Program

Start a Parent-Child Book Club
Find out how to start a parent-child book club, get tips for organizing and maintaining a book club and suggestions for ways to have great discussions, and learn about the benefits of parent-child book clubs.
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Book Adventure - Free Reading Program
From Sylvan this website provides age appropriate reading lists and with a free account let's your child take quizzes and earn prizes.
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What Your Y is Doing in Your Community

Through the Y, kids, teens and young adults of all social-economic backgrounds develop the character traits and skills essential to success. The Y is a leading provider of before and after school child care, overnight and summer day camp adventures, youth sports and leadership training. Teens and young adults find academic support, employment training and caring role models to help them pursue their goals.

Here are some ways that the Y is providing additional opportunities for academic enrichment in the summer:

To address summer learning loss among low-income children, this intensive, 5-week program has been expanded and enhanced to serve more than 100 elementary students and those transitioning to middle school.

In partnership with Seattle University, the YMCA Enrichment through Athletics and Health program is for incoming middle school students. With a focus on the transition to middle school, students attend math and literacy classes as well as participate in fun and active health and wellness activities.

During this 3-week no cost program, ELL students spend half of their day attending reading & writing classes and the other half going on field trips.

This a summer enrichment program is designed for youth transitioning into high school.

This value based program has a strong emphasis on building self reliance through the YMCA’s core values. The program’s creative curriculum for preschoolers help them learn the Spanish language through stories, arts & crafts and theme based activities.