Summer Camps

Y Swim Lessons & Water Safety

Make sure your whole family stays safe and has fun while you enjoy the water this summer. Enrolling your kids in swimming lessons, learning CPR and educating yourself about water safety are three excellent steps. We've compiled information and resources on swimming and water safety to make the process a little easier.

Everything's Swimming at the Y!

There’s a reason why the Y is referred to as America’s Favorite Swim Instructor. In a Y class, you are not only taught in a caring way how to swim, but you also learn about yourself, about safety and rescue skills, and about water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime. In this article you'll learn about YMCA Swim Program Options, How to Help Your Child Prepare, How to Know if They're Ready and Water Safety.

What Happens At Summer Day Camp

Y Summer Camps help kids grow and have fun through exploring the outdoors, building self-confidence and independence, learning core values, developing life skills and - most importantly - being active. Each week, imaginative themes and activities provide an engaging atmosphere for hands-on learning and exploration.

Discover for yourself what happens throughout the day at Y Camp!

Summer Day Camp at the Dale Turner Family YMCA

Take a look at what's been happening at Summer Day Camps. Don't miss out on the fun this summer! There are still spaces available for Summer 2013.

Virtual Tour of Camps Colman and Orkila

Check out YMCA overnight camps Colman and Orkila by taking a virtual tour! Jump from scene to scene and explore Colman's protected saltwater lagoon, shoreline and 100 densely forested acres. Also, navigate Camp Orkila's 400 acres including the Challenge Tower, waterfront, farm, McDade campfire & orchard areas!

Want to Prevent Summer Slide?

Too often, learning loss occurs over the summer and makes the school year a time of struggling to catch up instead of soaring ahead. In fact, kids who don't have the opportunity to participate in summertime activities fall even further behind.

Camps Are Great Fun, But Are They Great for Kids?

Sure summer day camps and overnight camps are fun, but what lasting benefits do they provide? How do you even go about choosing a camp? And how should you prepare for the new challenges your child will face? Find some great answers here.

Overnight Camp Photo Tour 2013

At YMCA Camp Orkila and YMCA Camp Colman, kids and teens discover not just the wonders of the outdoors, but the joy of exploring their unique traits, talents and interests. Campers learn the power of sharing their skills and strengths to benefit their cabin groups and the camp community. Explore the wonders of YMCA Overnight Camps through a photo tour.

Overnight Camp Photo Tour

At YMCA Camp Orkila and YMCA Camp Colman, kids and teens discover not just the wonders of the outdoors, but the joy of exploring their unique traits, talents and interests.

Making Friends at Summer Camp

At the Y, making friends is viewed as one of the most important aspects of camp and a process that we can help nurture. Here are a few insights into our approach to friending at summer camp.

Making Summer Reading Fun

During the summer, children experience “summer learning loss” when they are not involved with opportunities for skill building. As a result, young people can forget up to two months particularly in the areas of reading and math. The Y is committed to year-round learning through Summer Camp and a number of other Y youth development programs that provide an expanded learning environment and engage kids experientially.