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Financial Assistance

The YMCA strives to make programs available to all children and confidential assistance may be provided to the extent possible to cover a portion of your child's program registration fees. To apply, you can choose one of the methods below:

  1. Select your child's program and register online. You can register online and pay the deposit or registration fee to reserve your child's place in a program, and then submit the Financial Assistance Application by mail or in person at the branch to request assistance on the remaining balance of your summer registration payments.
  2. Or visit your branch. You may register in person at your local branch and and apply in person for financial assistance. 

Once you have submitted the Financial Assistance Application, a YMCA staff person will follow up with you within one week to determine the amount of assistance that is available to you. Be sure to allow enough time for our staff to process your application before payment is required. If the amount of assistance offered is not adequate to meet your needs, you will have the option to cancel your child's enrollment at that time.

To complete the Financial Assistance Application, please submit 2 of the following income verifications when you apply:

  • Federal Income Tax filing for previous year
  • Two months of paycheck stubs
  • Current statement of award or benefits for TANF, SSI, GAU or other public assistance
  • Most recent unemployment check stubs
  • Two months of bank statements
  • If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances not evidenced by the above information, you may submit a statement explaining your current situation.