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When You're

Member Benefits

Besides year-round fun activities, you'll save big on programs like Summer Camp and Child Care.

YMCA Membership
13 Facilities, 10 Pools
A Great Value for Your Family

As a family facility member you can save big while getting full membership privileges. For example, if you're a facility member and register your child for ten weeks of Outdoor Day Camp, you'll save $250 in program fees*! Add in Swimming Lessons and Outdoor Day Camp for another child, and you'll save even more in program fees.

Membership comes with privileges
Not only will you save right away, you'll gain the benefits of a family facility membership including priority registration and the lowest fees for camps, youth sports, child care, swimming lessons and other fee-based programs.


  • Hundreds of youth, family, teen and adult health and well-being programs at no additional cost.
  • Supervised care of your child while you work out, get a massage or meet with a personal trainer.
  • Full Membership privileges at all 13 YMCA of Greater Seattle branches with 10 pools.
  • Guest privileges at YMCAs throughout the US.

What to do next?
Before registering for YMCA Summer Camps or YMCA Child Care, visit our membership portal and purchase a family facility membership. You'll be able to select a YMCA location that's convenient for you to call your home YMCA. Once you've purchased your membership, return here to to start saving on YMCA Summer Camps or YMCA Child Care today!

* Based on ten weeks of $25 per week savings over program member pricing for weekly theme based camps such as Outdoor Day Camp, Discovery Camp, Explorer Camp, and more.