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Child Care

"We like the like the Y's convenient child care, the diverse programs and the people who work here. The quality is worth every penny."
— Jennifer Forward

As parents working full-time jobs, Robert and Jennifer Forward rely heavily on the Auburn Valley YMCA to simplify and enrich their lives. To their two boys, 8-year-old Jalen and 6-year-old Javon, the Y's before- and after-school programs are almost too much fun. Robert explains, "I usually work late. But a couple of times when I've picked them up, they actually asked why I was there so early! I feel comfortable having my kids at the Y, and I'm glad to seem them so excited about things. It's a safe, secure environment." Jennifer really appreciates the value the Y brings to their lives, adding, "The Y is a better investment compared to other child care, due to the field trips and other activities the boys are exposed to. I don't want them sitting watching TV for three hours after school."

Jennifer also likes the convenience the Y brings to her day, including those times on the weekend when she can slip away to exercise. "While I work out, the boys have the Adventure Zone where they can slide, play tag and just have a ball." Jalen and Javon are so happy with the Y's programs that they're currently doing a coin drive to raise funds for the Partners With Youth Campaign. As Jalen explains, "We're doing it so other kids can go to the Y."

Summer Camps

"She looks forward all year to Discovery Camp, where she has met friends who will last a lifetime."
"I really appreciate the great amount of physical activity he was provided each day. As a highly athletic boy, this was fabulous. We will definitely do the camp again next summer."
"The summer staff is fun and my daughter loves them. They are active and learning new things. My child has been to places she has never had the opportunity to visit before and experience things that are a challenge to give her as a working parent."
"The sincere and supportive staff got him to try things out of his comfort zone and succeed. He made a lot of good memories and looks forward to returning next year."
"I love that there are so many different types of camp options available."
"I love that my daughter was sent home with a values in action note."
"I love the fact there was reading time every day!"
"Definitely love the program and love the wrap-around care as well. This has made our summer by far the best managed for balance of work and home."
"Thank you to the counselors that made such a positive impact on my son!"
"I know they enjoyed camp, because after the 2nd day, they asked whether they could go back again next year :)"
"Thank you for the program. It was a highlight of my son's life."
"Great week and worth every penny!!"